Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 3

Hand dyed shorts
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I didn't get to sew yesterday because of sickness, but not only did I feel better today, but Walker worked from home in the morning and when he took Moira to the grocery store for sparkly water and bread for me, I managed to whip these shorts up. I was hopeful that I could do some more tonight, but I'm feeling worse as the day goes on.
I dyed this fabric last summer, thanks to Sunny Jim, and I thought it went well with this tank top Pearl bought. There's a dog on the front with details in pink and teal. I decided to put the pockets on the back because Moira keeps sticking her hands in the back of diaper and telling me she has her hands in her pockets.
It was my intention that all the clothes I made for this challenge use materials entirely from my stash. I can only manage that because I bought a large amount of waistband elastic late last year. For some reason I love vintage rick rack and bias tape, so I am always buying packs of it at garage sales and thrift stores. Until I started making things for the kid though, I rarely used it.
I've been waiting for Sew Mama Sew's next giveaway day since I missed the deadline for the winter one, and it's finally coming up on the 17th. I have a bag full of cowboy themed scraps I'm never going to get through. I made three baby quilts with them, and I think I've used less then half of them. Time to send them along to the next good home.

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