Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring top week

Rae at Made by Rae has organized a spring top week. Entries end this weekend, and I decided that I would make at least one top. I managed two, but because I'm helping with putting the entries in the database I got a little intimidated by the awesomeness showing up in the Flickr pool. I decided the best way to counteract that was have Sika help me take some pictures when she came to visit, since she is so good with a camera. The nice pictures would help me feel better about what I made.
A small tangent. How come I am unhappy with everything I make for me, but things I make for other people come out just how I wanted. Is it some sort of craft dysphoria?
Braided tunic by maydela
This was the top I knew I could finish in time. I've made this pattern before, so I knew it was easy, and I knew I wanted to make a shorter version to wear with leggings and try some braided trim and ruching. I'm pleased with how it turned out, although the ruching relaxed quite a bit from when I tacked it down to when I did the hem. The braiding was very fun to make.

Minnie top by maydela
I got the red fabric in New York at Mood. It's a wonderfully silky bamboo/spandex knit. It's much stretchier then I expected, so by the end of a day of wearing this, it is at least one size bigger, so I may have to wear a tank top under it. The trim is black jersey with white polka dots, so the whole effect seems very Minnie Mouse to me. I'm kind of okay with that. I have a lot of the red fabric leftover and I'm considering making a pair of leggings from it.

I have the fabric and a plan for two other shirts, but there's no way I have time to do even one of them before the contest is closed for judging. I have started on Moira's birthday dress (complete with pintucks!) and I need to catch up on my quilting bees.

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  1. "Craft dysphoria?" LOL! Also, I love the Minnie Mouse effect. Quite becomming on a grown up lady if you ask me.