Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More noise!

That's what Moira kept shouting when we were waiting in the subway today. When a train started approaching the first time she asked, "Noise?" And when I said it was noise, she was totally gleeful. I'm glad she was excited by it, rather then scared.
Yesterday I decided to take her to the Empire State Building, because I wanted to see it, and since it was our first day, I wanted to stay within walking distance. Sadly, it was not quite walking distance for her and there were lots of long lines there and so by the time we got up to the observation deck, she was not interested in the view. She was interested in the three pigeons that were up there, but there were too many people taking their picture to let her hang out and stare at them.
By the time we got through all the lines to get back down she was really antsy and while I tried to figure out if there was a nearby place I could let her wiggle around (answer, no), she started crawling around and licking the floor. I totally would have let her keep doing that, but a security guard made me stop her. So then I dragged her screeching back towards the hotel. We stopped for frozen yogurt on the way back, which revived her just enough to get her the rest of the way back happily. Well mostly.
Moira is really digging the hotel. If I mention it at all she tries to insist we should go back right now. Is it possible that the hotel is in this train car? Because maybe we could go there now? Possibly part of why she likes it so much is that I am so hot and worn out when we get back that the first thing I do is take off my pants and socks. And then she wants to take off all her clothes and be nakie. Fortunately, she hasn't figured out how to take off the disposable diaper yet.
I learned from yesterdays mistakes and today we went out with our backpack carrier. She was mostly happy to stay in there, although she really didn't want me to sit down. She enjoyed the Central Park Zoo and FAO Schwartz, but I had a hard time finding a place where she could have lunch (Hello Central Park street vendors! I love pretzels, but could you maybe also offer some sort of non breaded foodstuffs?). Our first real try once we got out of the park turned out to be an Italian restaurant, not the kind of cafe I thought it was. At this point Moira was losing it, so we jumped into a burger joint and I forgot to ask if their fries were breaded before I ordered.
I let her eat them anyway, because there really was no happy option at that point. Then on the way to the hotel from the subway station, we shared a Jamba Juice. At least I remembered to feed her lunch today and didn't just resort to granola bars and apples in the hotel room.
I am considering taking her to the Fashion Institute tomorrow so I can look at their museum. That's probably a crazy idea, huh?


  1. It sounds like such an adventure for you and for her! I am looking forward to more updates. :)

  2. I say go for it! (FIT museum) I consider Moira to be fashion-forward, so I imagine she would have some opinions to share.