Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moira recommends: Travel

The latest pile of books was about travel, since there was so much planned with Walker and I going away (singly) and the family trip to New York. The pile started to be ignored after the new bookshelf showed up, but I didn't bother to change it out, since all the travel was about to start. I finally got around to it today, thanks to inspiration from the library. I think it's probably also time to move the foreign language books up from downstairs and maybe replace them with a stack of the books we have that don't have words.
The Hole in the Ocean: A Daring Journey by Jasper Tomkins - This seems to me like it was written after a drug trip. It is written in rhyming couplets which are a bit forced at time, but it's sweet and the pictures are very engaging.
Town Mouse Country Mouse by Jan Brett - We don't have the cd, but apparently this is out of print and this is the only listing that had a picture. Moira loves to look at the side pictures on each page in this one and see what the cat and owl (and other predatory animals) are up to.
Punk Farm On Tour by Jarrett Krosocza - Ugh. What kind of band only plays one verse of one song at each stop? Craziness. Moira loves it because the animals are playing music and the song they sing is a version of "The Wheels On the Bus" which is still a favorite song. I hate it because the story isn't well told. It's like the author was trying to use as few words as possible to get the story across, but he kind of failed. Sika appears to agree with me about this book.
Stick by Steve Breen - I thought for sure that I had reviewed this one before, as it has been a favorite for a long time, but I can't find it in tags, so I guess not. Stick is a little frog who wants to do things on his own. Most of the story is told in the pictures. The author successfully did what the Punk Farm author tried for. I do get tired of reading this 70 billion times a day, but I still like it, because it is so sweet and well done. Plus it makes Moira so ridiculously happy when we read it.
Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall - In the first part of this book, a farmer packs his ox cart to take things to market so that his family can have money to survive the winter. The second half of the book details how he and his family make all the things they will sell next fall at market. I think this one is very soothing to read, and I think that may be why Moira liked it too. The illustrations are very engaging too.

I was looking at Powell's website to see if I could link there, instead of to Amazon, but their listings aren't as helpful for books that they don't have in stock as Amazon's. I'd really rather not link to Amazon; although I am still willing to support third party sellers there, I'm no longer buying things from Amazon's main site. Does anyone have a suggestion for a website that would have good information about individual books I could link to? Can people read the listings on Goodreads without having to login?


  1. Try, then link to it by ISBN.


  2. Town Mouse Country Mouse was one of my absolute favorites as a child!

  3. You could still read the Amazon reviews and then just purchase elsewhere.