Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost 2

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Her hair is getting scraggly, but I want to let it grow long and see if that resolves the problem. We have been trying out new hairstyles, and new barrettes but she'll still only keep a hairstyle in place for a couple of hours, at most.
She seems to be trying to ensure that we go to the emergency room before her birthday next Friday. On Monday she fell out of the car onto the driveway while the insurance adjuster was writing up his estimate. You can barely see the spot of yellow on her head which is what is left of the giant goose egg. Thank goodness for Arnica.
As soon as she calmed down, she started throwing herself around the living room, as normal.
We went to visit Nana in the hospital today, and Moira drew her a picture before I left. When I suggested we should put her name on it so Nana knew who it was from, she got very serious and spent the next 5 minutes with her nose pressed to the paper whispering "Write name. Moi write name." It also involves a smaller series of scribbles then normal.
She has started saying "I miss Daddy!" periodically throughout the day. She also still asks to go to the hotel when she is cranky. Daddy is still less exciting then the hotel.
"My do it" turned into "Mommy (or Daddy) do it" very quickly.
The other night we were getting dinner ready and I wouldn't let her have the meat out of the casserole until after it had been cooked. I told her we were going to wait and have it when Daddy got home. For the next ten minutes she cried and said "No meat Daddy!"
She gets very focused on one thing she can't have right now (like the hotel room) and even if she doesn't get really angry about it, she will keep bringing it up so she can cry about it more. I talk to her about why we can't have the thing, how much she wants to have it, how much I would like to give it to her, when we can have the thing. None of that really calms her down, although I think it's a good idea to have the conversation with her. Eventually, after a few cycles, I tell her we should think about something happy and point out the doggy/bicycle/balloons/whatever we are currently driving past.
I am deliberately not referring to this as the terrible twos, as I don't want to give it more power then it has. Instead, sometimes Moira is sad, or angry, or disappointed, and we try to move on. So far we have kept the major crying fits to a minimum. Hopefully that trend will continue.
For the most part though she is happy and engaged in what we are doing. She is getting more and more able to tell me what's going on in her mind, and even though right now that is "No write!" I'm still glad she can do it.
I decided that since her birthday was coming up and new toys would be arriving soon, we should get rid of some of the things she doesn't play with so much. At first I was going to wait until Walker was watching her some evening, but then I decided to try it one day when we had nothing else to do. I told her her birthday was coming and we had to make room for more toys, and that we could give her old toys to babies who didn't have any. She didn't like that at first, but then she decided it was a good idea. She got really into it, and (the first time we did it) was carefully making decisions about what she did and didn't want to keep. Some of her choices surprised me, but with few exceptions, I respected her decisions and didn't argue with her. When we moved on to the next room, she wanted to give EVERYTHING to the babies, so I stopped letting her help and she just played with the giant pile of toys on the floor. Somehow, I don't think she really wanted to give away her favorite bear.
The best part of this is we uncovered some toys she hadn't noticed before, like her Paddinton Bear, who she is now really into. Confidential to Nain, we don't have any Paddington Bear books.

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