Friday, April 23, 2010

All Torbey all the time!

It turns out that the adult Torben had never seen the baby pictures of him I posted in my last vintage photo post. He asked if I could send them to him so he could share them with his mother. It took three emails to send them all. I figured I should share more of them with you, since I was fiddling with them any way.
Blue Steel
He is older then all the others I have, but probably only by a couple of months.
Isn't this high chair cool? Torbey is 4 months old in this (and most of these)picture.
What is that?
Torbey is worried that someday, his hair will look like Dad's.
I'm sure this contraption would be considered dangerously unsafe now.
Pearl commented that he looks like an old man, which is a comment Moira got too. Maybe that's a characteristic of Danish babies? I have no idea what he looks like as an adult, so maybe he looks like himself?

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