Sunday, April 4, 2010

All she wrote

Walker and Moira had a fantastic weekend without me. We talked on the phone every day, and Moira was always in happy to hear from me, and happy for me to hang up so they could get on with their day. When I came home today, the house was much tidier then I left it and Moira was enunciating much better. The only repercussion seems to be that she's a little worried about leaving her sight, but not enough that she didn't want to take Stewie to our friend's house for our trip to New York tomorrow.
(Did I mention that? 10 days. Crazy. I'm looking forward to it but I'm also dreading the flight tomorrow.)
I had a good time too, but I did have to keep fighting crankiness and tears. Missing the baby was hard. The worst time at con for me seems to always be Friday night through Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure why, but I should probably plan a nap or something in there in the future to try and counteract that. Sadly, this is what I wore on Saturday during the height of my cranky period.
Elf dress
(Shiny fabric photographs badly. It looked less wrinkly in person.)
Super cute, right? And Pearl spent a bunch of time helping me curl my hair, in such a way that it actually stayed curly the whole night. I felt awesome until we left the room. Then my bad mood took over and instead of paying attention to the people checking out my embroidery, I noticed all the people oohing and ahhing over my more brightly dressed companions. I love my dress and I really don't think it looked bad on me, like I ended up deciding about my fairy dress last year, so I need to get over it. I will wear it next year, but I think for future costumes I will concentrate less on using fabric I have and more on bright colors. Emerald green, here I come.
Look! Check out the embroidery.
The back


  1. I love your dress (and hair!) and the embroidery looks fantastic. I hope your flight and trip go well!

  2. I love the costume, and the hair, and I hope you managed to enjoy most of the con.

    Have a great trip. :)

  3. You look beautiful! I hope the flight went well!