Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You can't go sking without pants

The title is a shout out to Sika. It's Tuesday now. Are you ready?

Moira has started answering my questions of "Where is ?" with a shrug and "I know!" while shaking her head. I'm pretty sure she means "I don't know." It's the cutest thing ever.

She woke up on Thursday morning saying "Meat! Mas!" I asked her if it was Meatmas, the day in which we celebrate meat. She said it was. I hope you celebrated appropriately

I just got the weirdest spam message:
Mother would rather be near the theaters. You saw her come into Plymouth Bay. What a singular thing! Just one more little lesson. And I have about as much more. You must be joking! Come and sit down here beside me. How quick you are!
He has done so. So were you. That's what I think of him.Her father shook his head sadly. Where is his chivalry then? She had never thought of it.
There are two caves there ahead. But never did we go to Valencia. It is not better to thee? And thy materials can sleep with me. We go when he comes.
There was no link or attachment, but the email address is gibberish. I'm pretending that someone is sending random poetry to people they don't know, but it's probably an attempt to mess with spam filters.

I woke up this morning convinced that there was a new show called "Battle of the Network Execs." Fortunately, the internet tells me this is not true.

I love Hark! A Vagrant!

There's more over here! Go look.

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