Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whining will commence in three seconds

I have been quietly trying not to freak out about the two months, and I am starting to fail. At least with the quietly part. Here's what the calendar looks like:
Walker is on call from today until next Tuesday. When he goes off call, he goes to the airport to spend 3 days in the main office. He is back for 4 days and then becomes secondary on call for a week. Two days after that on call shift ends is Norwescon. We fly to New York the day after Norwescon for more Walker work stuff and his cousin's graduation showcase. We come back and 4 days later Walker is gone for a 5 day gaming trip with his friends. The day after that is over, he is on call for another week. The next weekend is Moira's birthday, my birthday and Mother's day. My head my just have exploded by then. We'll see. Somewhere in the next few weeks I need to build raised beds for planting food, but that's looking less and less likely.

I am trying to do any sewing I need to do for Norwescon while Willow is visiting (until Friday! Yay!) I should be making plans with people to help keep me sane while Walker is gone. I really need to find someone to trade swap with in my quilt group because I am pretty sure that my house will barely be habitable the day Walker gets back from his gaming trip, which is the day I'm supposed to host.

I was hoping this would help me calm down a bit, but I feel even more anxious now. This may be part of why my neck has been hurting so much lately.


  1. Sounds like some baby-swapping is in order to give you a little breathing space. I'll send you a note!

  2. I wish I could come visit and keep you sane. Stupid school.