Monday, March 22, 2010

What's a crafty mom to do?

Wait a minute
We went shopping with pearl and Sika today, and pearl had a bag full of things for Moira, including this fairy dress for Mimi to go with Moira's fairy wings (which pearl gave her for Christmas, coincidently). After nap we decided it was high time to try it on, and it fits! Moira was very excited.
Then, she had a shocking realization. Mimi had a new outfit, but Moira did not. There were clothes pearl gave us for Moira too, but they are either too big or for this summer, and all are waiting to be washed. First Moira stripped off her dress. Then she ran to my sewing room door and hung off the doorknob shouting, "New dress! New dress!" I suggested that she could pick out an outfit from her dresser, but that was not good. She settled for a snack and went on her naked (but still wing wearing) way.
New shirt!
So, when Walker took her downstairs, I went into my sewing room and finished cutting out this shirt. I made the pattern from Rae's 90 minute shirt tutorial. I pinned it up at the same time I did this set of outfits for Mimi and Moira. There will eventually be a shirt that matches this for Mimi too, but I think one new outfit for the doll per day is more then enough. Obviously, the shirt was a hit. Plus the crafting time helped me recover from when the garage door came half off the track over my car while Moira was still in it. That was scary.

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  1. Moira and Mimi are en route to be quite the stylish duo!