Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RTT: The most wonderful time of the year

We went to the zoo on Sunday. You know why I love the zoo in springtime? All the animals are so excited. I took Moira last spring with a group of other Moms (all with kids under the age of 2) and among other things we got to see a very excited Tapir. I thought it was hilarious, but then, I didn't have to answer anyone asking "Mommy, what is that?"

For some reason, as soon as we got to the cow at the zoo, Moira decided to be scared, so when we saw the goats, I told her they were dancing. Because I wanted to watch them fight for a bit. That's a valid reason to lie to your kid, right?

The one thing I hate about spring is my weird allergy, where I have a sore throat or an ear ache for a couple of months straight. It's also the only time of year where I sneeze. The best part is, I always forget that this will happen, so I spend a couple of weeks wondering why I'm so slightly sick and avoiding human contact so as to not spread it.

I finally checked out Color Your Cloth and I really want to try it. Pah? Sika? Want to help me make batik sometime after Norwescon?

Not helping with the sick feeling, I automatically wake up at 5am now, if Moira doesn't wake up earlier because I know she'll wake up soon. And then she nurses for at least an hour before settling down to sleep again. It takes me about a half an hour to fall back asleep and then she wakes up for good in about a half hour after that. I went to bed at 9pm last night to catch up. I think I need to do that again tonight.

I made Moira and her doll matching outfits. She was perturbed that I didn't have an outfit just like theirs. Today she wanted me to wear something with dogs on it. Since I don't have such an outfit, I convinced her that it would be okay for me to wear my green shirt with white dots and yellow flowers so I could coordinate with her dress. She hasn't noticed that Mimi doesn't have a similar outfit yet.

Speaking of matching outfits, Norwescon is coming up. I hope to get some sewing done while Willow is visiting this weekend since the things I wore last year are now too big for me. I'm excited because I will be away from Moira for 4 nights and I'm hoping this will be the end of nursing. And maybe she will stop waking up at 5am if she isn't going to get milk. Probably not though. I'm also nervous because I'll be gone for 4 nights. Mostly for Walker's sake. She's usually pretty gleefully shrieky with him, even when she's unhappy as I hand her to him, so I think it will be okay. He keeps telling me they will be fine. I am using this time to mentally prepare myself for the separation though.

Moira still sits on the potty occasionally, and she usually does something when she does. We aren't pushing it, but are still offering it as an option.

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  1. Those tapirs always seem to be excited! LOL. And, I adore the matching outfits! Mimi is one lucky doll.

  2. Whenever we're at the zoo, the tapirs are laying around doing nothing :-) When the monkey-esque animals were frisky last time, I told Jenna they were hugging (which they were). I also love the matching outfits and their nod to the 70's!

  3. @ Lori, the tapirs are "excited" in a different sense :)