Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moira recommends: books about plants

I keep being surprised by the length of the books Moira wants read to her. I really shouldn't be, since she's always liked long books. It's not like this is news.
Jim and the beanstalk by Raymond Briggs - Jim lives in an apartment building and one day there is a big plant outside his window, so he climbs it and meets a giant. Every other page is in color, the rest in black and white. I enjoy reading the grumbling giant's dialog.
When ruby tried to grow candy by Valorie Fisher - Moira LOVES this one. She can say Ruby now, clear as day and acts very pathetic if you don't read it to her right away. She has also started shouting "Ruby!" when she sees a ball, because Ruby has a ball. The plot is that Ruby has a scary seeming neighbor who turns out to be an amazing gardener who teaches Ruby all her tricks. I don't really like the illustrations. There are layers with each layer in the background getting progressively blurrier. Then at the end, the first layer of background is suddenly made of photographs instead of drawings.
A treeful of pigs by Arnold Lobel - The moral of this story? If you are a lazy Eastern European farmer, your wife will resort to a series of complicated tricks to get you out of bed.
The leaf men and the Brave Good Bugs by William Joyce - I think Moira loves this because there are bugs, but it's also slightly scary and suspenseful, and she seems to love that in books.
Richard Scarry's Animal Nursery Tales by Richard Scarry - This is a collection of many stories like "The Three Little Pigs" and "Red Riding Hood and the Wolf". Moira would sit still and have me read them all in one go, if she could convince me to. I always love Richard Scarry's books, and Moira seems to love them too. This is the only one of his books we have (hint hint, father).

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