Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it Wednesday yet?

Excitement for Norwescon has officially edged out anxiety about leaving my baby. 2 days till I head to beautiful downtown SeaTac! I only have hand sewing left to do on one dress. I also need to sew one of the zippers on a suitcase closed before I leave since I won't have time after I get home before we leave for New York. In a fit of organizational prowess, I am packed (except for last minute stuff like hairbrushes) for both Norwescon and New York.
Picnic quilt top
I spent a bunch of time sewing this weekend, and most of it was not related to Norwescon. I got a bunch of stuff done for swaps that will be due in April, since I won't have much time in that month. I also finished this quilt top, which I plan to back with polar fleece and use as a picnic quilt. It's entirely made from scraps (most of which were from other people, not me) and pieced as leaders and enders on other projects, a technique I read about atQuiltville. I even did the joining of the blocks that way, which slowed the other projects down a bit, but not as much as you'd think. I started another log cabin this way as soon as I was done. I'm going to make color themed blocks this time. The first one was blue, I will probably do brown next, unless another color jumps out at me.
Birthday block for Mommy09
This is one of the blocks I made yesterday. It's for the Birthday Block swap on LJ. I realized when I was doing the last border that I have essentially made this block three times already this year. I think I should make a quilt of this, so I can get it out of my head and not bore everyone.
I also made a doll sling for Moira, which I'm going to give to her on Wednesday (but not as I'm leaving), but I haven't taken a picture of it.
Peek a boo!
I leave you with this picture of Moira playing peek a boo with the picnic quilt. Just because.
I almost left you with this one. It's hard to decide when she's been so cute lately.

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