Friday, March 19, 2010

I miss Vintage Photo Friday

I was telling my sister that I miss Vintage Photo Friday, especially since I started getting stuff from our relatives to scan in. We were tagging people in Picasa on Wednesday and both noticed some shocking family similarities. I say shocking in that, even when people tell you you look just like your Mom as a kid, you don't really know without photographic proof.

Teen Merle
My grandmother, Merle Tydful Bordewick (nee Jones) as a teenager in Vancouver, BC (date unknown). She was named after the town her parents immigrated from in wales, Myrther Tydfil
Teen Ruth
My mother, Ruth, as a teenager at their house in Bellevue, Wa. Note the look of extreme glee. I think she gets that from her Dad's side of the family.
The Bordewicks
My mother as a child with her family (she's the girl on the right with the curly hair. She has that look on her face because rather then change out of their play clothes for the family portrait, she and her siblings decided to just roll up the stuff they were wearing and shove their nice clothes on over them. It's especially noticeable in the photo of just the three kids where there is a visible bulge over each of David's knees.
Little Mika
My sister, Mika, at about the same age. Same hair, same glasses, same nose. At least she's not wearing pants under her skirt.
Ruth & Ellis on their wedding day
Bonus picture, just because I like it! My parents on their wedding day. Mom hated her dress and her hairdo, so we never really saw many pictures of their wedding as children. I think there were a couple in a photo album she didn't pull out very often, so it's been really cool to look at the photos my grandparents kept. I think they look very 1969.


  1. Yayyy! I LOVE Vintage Photo Friday. I still participate. Glad you came back!

  2. Lovely pictures! I think my mother-in-law had the same hairstyle for her 1969 wedding. :)