Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good things come in threes

Action shot
Moira learned how to pinch of pieces of playdough small enough that she can make snakes and balls with them.

I threw it!
We are dog sitting for a friend. After a rough start this morning when poor Dakota had the nerve to touch one of Stewie's toys that Moira has been trying to steal, Moira discovered the joys of a dog that will actually play with you.

I love the Fake AP Style Book. Did you know "Depending on the situation, sometimes you will want a conjunction, and sometimes you'll just want to cuddle." I sure didn't.

The one semi bad thing was that Moira slept in until 8 this morning. Which was nice because that meant we got to sleep in until 8. Actually, I slept in until 9:30. But she didn't nap. Despite a long walk in the woods and playing in the front yard with Willow (Yay Willow is visiting! Bonus, extra special good thing!). So now she is exhausted and Walker is putting her to bed (Moira, not Willow), which likely means she will wake up at 6.
But! When I gave up on nap the first time and we came out into the living room, she marched around it for awhile trying to figure what she wanted to do saying "No nap! No nap!" All she needed was a little sign.

Oh! One more extra special bonus good thing! I finally remembered to take Ibuprophen for my neck pain instead of Tylenol which means it's actually starting to go away. After three days of migraine fun, I am glad. So, I guess that was five good things.

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