Friday, March 26, 2010

Babies are awesome

I was thinking last night that Moira really isn't a baby anymore. She's more of a real person, with the ability to joke and plot with me. I'm not at all sad that she's past the baby stage. This one is much less tiring. But still, I feel the need to celebrate babies a bit today.
Baby Ruth
My mother, Ruth Hillinger in 1949.
My Dad's cousin, Phyllis DelRosario in 48.
My Dad's cousin Torben Hansen in the mid 40's.
Out of all the babies I've scanned pictures of, Torben is the most expressive. I could make a whole range of icons for emotions just with pictures of him between birth and 2. And it's not like I have a lot of them.

I found out that Ellen Bloom is still doing Vintage Photo Friday too. Her post isn't up today yet, but you should check her out.


  1. Adorable vintage babies!! Thanks for the shout-out!! Your pix are very inspiring.

  2. I love the buggy in the second photo!

  3. Love these pictures! They were all adorable babies. :)