Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adorableness and future embarrassment

All gone?
Lately Moira has been insisting on eating the same things over and over, and refusing to eat things she really likes )like blueberries) in favor of whatever the food of the moment is. In an effort to combat that, I decided to try an idea I originally saw on Flipflops and applesauce but seems to have been started by Sycamore stirrings. There's also a Flickr group. She loves it. So far she has eaten most everything I put in there, except for cheese, as long as I leave it sitting out long enough. She might have eaten the cheese too if I'd been willing to let it sit out all day. Plus, I spend much less time helping her get more snacks.
I am also pleased to report that I finally have good blackmail pictures for when she's an easily embarrassed teenager. I ordered some new bras from Bare Necessities and one of them came with tissue stuffed in the cups. I thought it was crazy how big they were so I brought them out to show Willow. Moira was very excited and insisted they were her "Booboos" (boobs) and wore one under her shirt for the rest of the day. Apparently, one of my breasts is the size of her torso. That's a little scary.
The booboo kept falling out all day long, and she would cry until we put it back in. She was very proud to show Walker when he came home from work. Of course, at that moment it had slipped down and looked more like a beer belly, but she didn't care.


  1. I love that idea of using a muffin pan to make eating different foods more interesting. I might have to try this too!

  2. Cool idea! So Moira's back on the dairy now? How's that going?