Thursday, February 18, 2010

The songs we sing

I have always been a singer. In childhood (and as a teenager) I sang all the time, without realizing it. When I became and adult and had to not be the annoying girl who sings at her desk all day at work, I made the conscious decision to stop, but it is, of course, creeping back in. It's the first thing I think of to comfort or entertain. Sometimes, it's the thing that keeps me from screaming. I've been asked by other mothers where I get all these songs I sing for different things, and the answer is, I've been collecting them since childhood. Here is a list, it's likely to be very long.

Barges A lovely song about boats. I was told at camp it was written by a dying boy, but the internet seems to disagree with that.
All Things Are Quite Silent I sing the Steeleye Span version. I was obessed with their rocking versions of English Folk music as a teen.
Maps We played Rock Band a lot while I was pregnant, and this song was one of only three songs I could remember the lyrics to in my post partum haze. I sang it so much it is now something that comes out automatically when "Barges" ends.
Sing Me A Rainbow (Note, not the Shel Silverstein/Dr Hook version) I've always thought this song was unbearably sappy, but it still made me cry when I first sang it to Moira.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow A late addition to the sleepy songs, from when she wouldn't want to fall asleep ever at all. This is the only one from a huge batch that I started adding that still gets sung on a regular basis.

Run Baby Run No lyrics online that I can find, but they are pretty easy to remember. Moira likes to make requests for which verse to do next with her favorites being run, clap and jump.
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
We're Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo I love making up verses for this. She has recently taken to grabbing one of her toy animals and that's what we sing about. Occasional other requests are for babies, Nain and Zombies. When we do the chorus she will frequently insist that I add anyone she names in, so it gets pretty long (Daddy can come too, too, too, Mika can come too, too, too....).
Bumping Up and Down We use the names of people we know instead of the generic people. Also, I added a blowtorch.
If You're Happy And You Know It I tried singing "If you're angry and you know it" once and Moira looked at me like I was crazy. She played along with "If you're happy and you know it, lie real still" though.

The Sharing Song I wish I knew a good song for this topic that didn't focus on the "mine" part of sharing, but developmentally, this is an appropriate way to phrase things. Sometimes I switch the pronoun to ours or theirs, depending on what's not being shared.

It's Alright to Cry Oh how I love Free To Be You And Me. I haven't found a purpose for William's Doll yet, but I'm going to try.

You might ask why I don't have any potty songs. Back when I was changing poopy diapers all day long, I used to sing medleys of early 90's music with lyrics (Jeremy pooped and, that's okaaaaaaay!) but I never remembered what I was singing five seconds after I was done, so you'll just have to imagine it. There has recently been potty play, so I expect a song will emerge soon enough.

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  1. Run Baby Run was such a huge hit when Evelyn heard you sing it that she still requests it at home. . . I'm pretty sure that I don't have the lyrics exactly correct, but she loves it!