Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moira recommends: Vroom vroom!

Moira was much more interested in this stack of books then I thought she would be. There were a lot of long ones, and a couple of those actually made it into the request rotation.
The Rattlebang Picnic by Margaret Mahy: The McTavishes decide they can either have a nice car that will never break down or lots of children. They compromise and have only seven, and get by with an old rattlebang. The first time we read this out loud, Walker said "Wrong decision!" Moira's favorite part is that the family takes their cat and dog with them on their adventures, so she spends the whole book looking for the kitty and thens aying "Meow? meow?" until I agree that she is pointing at the kitty. My favorite part is when they give up on eating the indedible lunch grandma packed and make do with apples and cupcakes which was the mother says is probably better for them anyway.
Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy E Shaw: Sheep are bad drivers. Walker started complaining when he heard this one that I was giving Moira the wrong idea about cars with these books. But I say, it's never too early to learn the important lessons like don't let sheep drive your car.
The Great Mulilteo to Friday Harbor Auto Race by Seth H Seabloom: A local book that I am not at all surprised my dad tracked down. The bunnies of Lopez Island are holding a race and invite all the other rabbit warrens from Victoria to Bremerton to participate. I am surprised Moira liked it since it has black and white illustrations, but I guess bunnies are just that awesome.
The Little Auto by Lois Lenski: Cute, simple illustrations. Mr Small is driving his auto through town (in the early years of automobiles). I guess it's cute. I have no strong feelings about it.
Maxi the Hero by Debra Barracca: Why does Moira always love the rhyming books? It's not so bed when it's done well, bit this is a little forced. It's easy to memorize though, so at least I don't have to pay attention when I'm reading it to her. This is one of the first books we ever read her, before we had many board books, when she was a few months old. We changed Maxi (the dog) to Stewie and Jim (Maxi's owner) to Moira and she loved it.
Berta Benz and the Motorwagen by Mindy Bingham: Berta Benz decides to take her children on a trip to her mother's house in one of her husband's prototypes to prove that automobiles are, in fact, more then just a gimmick. Without his knowledge. This is another one that I was surprised Moira wanted to read, but we broke it up into a couple of sittings, so that likely helped.

Most of these books are out of print, which I didn't realize until I was adding the links. That's what happens when most of your books are used, I guess.

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