Saturday, February 27, 2010

I love

Mimi watches the water
The way Moira says Zebra (bebah), yes (Yeeeaah!), all right (awight), blueberries (booee).
How she lets me know she's done sleeping (Play mama! Play play!)
That every morning, the first thing she does is try to convince me it's time to do art.
That when we go for a walk, she frequently insists we both hold Mimi's hands (Mimi, mommy! Mimi, Moira!)
That whenever we are doing something exciting like eating or taking a nap, she likes to list everyone she can think of and have me tell her that they are doing that thing too (Nain? Mika? Pearl? Cows? Stewie? etc...)
That our Ken doll is named Daddy dolly and his favorite thing to do is to kiss me.
That she actually likes rice and beans more then fries, something I didn't realize until we at a Mexican place where there was a choice between the two and she screeched with glee at the idea of "beans rice!"
That suddenly the way she asks anyone else to pick her up is "Up mama!" but when she wants me to pick her up it's just "Up!"
Every day she is more a part of this world. She remembers that Stewie snapped her hand two days ago, and that he did it because he wanted to be left alone. She is trying to convince me to give her treats when I say no because she bonked her head, remember when I bonked my head Mama? When I show her something, she shows it Mimi, so Mimi doesn't miss out on the excitement of watching the water run through the storm drain.


  1. So adorable! These moments are the ones we love and hopefully never forget. She's a precious little girl and that you are noting what you can is so wonderful.

  2. awwww. these are the things that make kids such a pleasure & a treasure. even the beginnings of manipulation are cute.

  3. I miss those moments. I know we're making our own different ones now, but that age is such a special time.

  4. These are some of the reasons why this is my favorite age. Everyone else can ooh and ahh over babies, but I prefer playing with toddles.

    They can finally tell you what they want instead of just yelling (/crying) about it. It is so miraculous to see the comprehension in them when you reason with them, or they try to manipulate you. Then there are all those perfect little moments when they first figure something out.

    It's just a magical time.

  5. So many sweet things! What a lovely reminder to record them.