Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I did on my long weekend vacation

I was complaining to Walker after Christmas about all the things I want to do (organizational stuff, sewing) that I can't do with Moira's help. He kindly offered to be primary parent for the long weekend, since he got New Years Eve and Day off. Right now he's at the zoo with Moira, and my back is starting complain from all the sewing.

So far I have:
Found a new place for Moira's dishes that she can reach, and a way to keep them all together.
Basted and partially quilted this quilt. I ran out of thread. I always underestimate that. Moira helped me with this a bit. She was even willing to have the blanket on her lap in order to sit with me. She HATES having blankets on her legs.
Organized Moira's art supplies.
Got caught up on blocks for a swap.
Cleaned up sewing room a little bit and found a new place for my paint that is not reachable by toddler.
Started piecing the back for this quilt.
Sorted the clothes Moira has grown out of into donation and sell piles.
Finished sewing my blocks for a wedding quilt. The mother of the bride made half of them and hers are perfect and 1/2" bigger then mine. Mine are totally not perfect, even after being resewn. I considered ripping them apart again and trying once more, but I think they would rather have their quilt eventually and if I have to start over, I'm sure I would get annoyed and bury it in my to do pile. Which leads to...
Started sashing the blocks for the above wedding quilt.

I haven't been able to do as much organizing as I want, mostly due to a lack of containers to store things in, but I'm feeling pretty good about what I got done this weekend. Especially since not listed activities the week included staying out until 6am on New Years Eve, catching up on sleep a bit the next day and going to Pearl's belated Christmas dinner in Maple Valley (without Walker, and Moira was a champ in the car, only starting to fuss on the way home when we were ten minutes from home. And it was an hour past her bedtime). I should probably go see what else I can tidy in the sewing room, before my family comes home for snuggles.