Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recent developments in our house

Step stool
Moira is officially walking all over us. She is also really into collecting things, right now, she has an arrangement of two giraffes, a red haired doll and a yellow spotted dinosaur on the fireplace hearth upstairs. It was very visually pleasing, but I noticed it when it was too dark to take a good picture. Today she read the cover of a book to me (Challenge Quilts). Apparently that is pronounced "Ma daddy ma. Daddy Ma Da." Who knew?

I am crocheting scarves for Craft Hope's 6th project. I think I had this realization last year, but I really missed crocheting and it's a perfect project to work on while toddler wrangling. I'm planning on making at least two scarves for Craft Hope, so maybe I can get in the habit before I'm done and find new projects when I'm done.

Idea 1 for doll quilt swap 8
I managed to sign up in time to participate in the latest round of Doll Quilt Swap. Apparently there's a big bird/tree thing going on in the collective hive mind, which I am totally behind. It's a secret partner swap, so you have to try and figure out what they would like based on stalking them on the internet. It's nice to have a good excuse to do that.

Our daily schedule is finally returning to normal after the holidays. Places are open again, and friends are ready to play again. It's very exciting. I like having something planned most days of the week, and I think Moira does too.

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