Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Roll roll
I have been putting off making playdough for unknown reasons. Today, nap was short, so I bit the bullet and spent a whole 5 minutes making playdough with Moira's help. She was entranced with the whole process, measuring ingredients, cooking the dough, kneading it and finally playing with it. I found a set of (incomplete) alphabet cookie cutters and a bunch of random plastic kitchen utensils (things like an egg separator and an icing comb) at a thrift store before Christmas, and a box to hold them all in. She's been playing with them by themselves since Christmas, so when I pulled out the box, she knew just what she wanted to try first. I need to find a kid sized rolling pin for her, but she seemed to handle the regular sized one just fine.
Special note to Pearl, Rella and my mom, if she has a favorite color right now, it's blue. That's always her request when I ask which color she wants, even though she can now say other color names.


  1. What a great idea-- checking thrift shops for kitchen utensils to use for crafts. We haven't tried play dough yet, but it looks like a hit!

  2. 1. Sand toys also make good play dough toys.
    2. Brrrruuuuuuuuuue! Rella will be ecstatic!

  3. We keep our homemade dough in the fridge and it keeps beautifully!