Saturday, January 16, 2010

New favorite things

She figured out how to stomp in puddles and make a splash, I think from a book. I have been trying to convince her not to do it in the puddle in the garage (the one that forms under Walker's car) but I have to stay vigilant. To make it more fun, she will only wear her white party shoes now. Fortunately they wipe off pretty well.
She's also been practicing her stomping indoors a lot. Elephants have been stomping for awhile, but now cats and dogs stomp too.
She is always looking for my mother (Nain). Yesterday she started saying "Nain!" and pointing towards her bedroom. I made her go look, and she got to the hallway and started nodding her head and saying "Nain!" again. I asked if she was sure, and so she ran all the way into her bedroom and then came out shaking her head no. Then she pointed out the window and asked if Nain was out there, so I told her to look. Sadly, the answer was no to that too. She was still asking for Nain, so we called her on the phone, which of course made her stop talking, except for one very quiet "Nain."
The big favorite thing for Moira right now is "More!" We need more of everything the minute we finish. More puddles, books, songs, food... The list goes on and on.

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