Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moira recommends: Snow!

The current stack of books is all about snow. I'm thinking of switching them out before the end of January though, partly because I'm getting bored of these and partly because Valentine's Day is so early in February.
The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg: This was one of my favorite books as a kid, and I'm really glad Moira likes it too. Really, anything written by Steven Kellogg is good, although not anything illustrated by him. Despite what my Dad seems to think.
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats: This has really simple and sweet illustrations that let you fill in the details. I think we will have to look for more books by this author.
A Little Snowflake by Charles Reasoner: This is technically a Christmas book, since Christmas is mentioned at the end. It's also something Moira has loved since we got it. I think it's boring, so I hope her interest in it wanes soon.
Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch: Thomas hates his snowsuit and resists putting it on when adults try to force him. Moira loves it because she gets to help read it, saying "Nnnnnnnno!" at the right times. I cannot recommend books by Robert Munsch enough. His stories are always fun and silly. He also does a good job of commiserating with kids about the silly things that adults do, like trying to force someone to put on clothing they hate rather then just wait until they are ready. He's a Canadian childhood institution who isn't well known here. A number of his books have caused major controversy for making the parents looks stupid, but I say, if children's books can't poke fun at adults, what is the point? A particular recommendation, especially for people with princess loving little girls is The Paperbag Princess, but I'm sure Moira will recommend that one on her own later.
The Snowman Flap Book by Raymond Briggs: This would probably make more sense to me if I had ever read the original. This is an abbreviated version of James' adventures with the snowman, with flaps. She loved the first one so much, I had to tape many of the flaps back in place and my Dad bought her another copy. I don't like this one very much, and fortunately, Moira seems to be getting a little bored with it.

Even some of the books Moira doesn't seem to like very much keep getting pulled out of the pile for a reread, so she can give up partway through. Specifically, Little Polar Bear Finds A Friend (too long) and The Hat (I'm not sure what the problem with this one is, maybe the animals aren't making the right noises).

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  1. We LOVE the paperbag princess!! I know the girl it was written for!