Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RTT: I can do it with my own bare hands

I was going to write a post today, and then I decided I didn't want to have to make it coherent and then I realized it's Tuesday! That can only mean one thing!

Moira is now freaking out whenever I leave the room. Like, if I walk into the kitchen from the living room, and she can still see me and there's no door to close. Or if she comes back into a room where I was when she left and I'm somewhere else. Last night she screamed bloody murder because I went upstairs after spending some quality time watching Walker play Ratchet and Clank with her. Until 5 seconds after I actually left to go to quilt group. Then she was fine.

This too shall pass.

We got the kitchen cleaned up with record speed after both nights of Christmas parties. Even though we didn't have tens of guests descending on us again on boxing day. I'm impressed.

We still need to catch up on laundry though. Someone got a lot of new clothes for Christmas.

Moira was cranky and clingy on Christmas Eve and super angelic and hyper on Christmas Day. Partly because she napped better that day and partly because she realized there would be presents. Oddly, Walker and I seem to be the only ones who could tell the difference between the two behaviors.

I have all sorts of creative motivation right now and also organizing motivation. And very little time to actually do any of these things because they mostly need to be done without Moira's help. I was thinking of actually finding a babysitter to watch her while I worked in another room, but that seems unlikely to work right now. So, who wants to come over and take my child away?

At the November meeting of my quilt group everyone brought scraps of fabric and then we all brought each other coordinating fat quarters to the December meeting. I used scraps of this giant pin up girl print (each girl is 3"-4" tall) because I have a lot of leftovers from a dress I made years ago and then this year someone gave me the smaller version of the print in a swap. So obviously, I have to do something with them. I had no idea until I saw all the fabric together, and now I know exactly what I'm going to do and where I want it to end up in my house. It's inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts Film Strip quilt, but more film strippy. I can't wait to get started. Again, as soon as I can get a minute to play with sharp things.

Walker's new car arrives soon. Probably in the next week. That's right. We will finally have two family friendly cars!

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  1. love to get new clothes on christmas this year however with all my kids being teens there were not so many clothing items given as gifts

  2. It's funny, but I think it usually is the case that only parents (or someone who spends many days each week with the tot) can tell when little ones are really upset. We've had family or friends look at us as if we're nuts when we tell them that we need to leave because Evie was close to melt-down-- they just couldn't read those cues.

    Exciting news about the car! Love that it counts as family friends :)

  3. We're still in recovery mood from Christmas too. Christmas eve was a bit much, but L stopped opening presents and announced that she was ready for a nap, so we promptly put her down. I even took a picture of what she walked away from! I'll blog about it this week probably.