Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RTT: I don't have a subtitle for this.

I had a dream that I went to lunch with Miss Zoot and she wouldn't tell me her name, so I had to refer to her that way. This confused my mom when I introduced them.


I like digging through the really old post archives on people's sites. And following the links to now defunct domains that are now all being squatted on by people trying to sell 1)financial services 2)hosting services or 3)porn. I'm surprised by how infrequently it's porn though. Isn't that what the internet is for?

You know what helps, when the weather gets cold? Bringing the winter clothes out of storage.

I had this conversation with Moira on Thursday morning:
Moira: Stomps a plastic stegosaurus around for awhile, then points to it's spikes.
Me: Those are it's spikes. Some dinosaurs have spikes.
Moira: Ike!
Me: Yup. Where are the dinosaurs spikes?
Moira: Points to spikes
Me: Where are your spikes?
Moira: Carefully examines her body. Eventually points to her tummy and looks confusedly at me.
Me: No silly! That's your tummy! Moiras don't have spikes.
Moira: Giggles.

Moira is either encouraging bad or good eating habits in us. Usually, she manages to eat most of the meat off our plates at lunch or dinner, which is good for me, but then we went for chinese today and both ordered straight meat (Honey Walnut Prawns and Sweet and Fragrant Chicken). We had rice too, but not a veggie in sight. Walker has been suggesting we got to a Brazilian place where they bring platters of meat around to the tables, kind of like Dim Sum service. There are sides, but you have to get up for them.

I thought I had figured out how to schedule posts, but apparently I hadn't since this was supposed to be posted last Tuesday. And I forgot to check and see.

Traveling with Moira went alright, and we learned many important lessons on how to best entertain the kid for long spaces of time in a confined space. None of which will probably be applicable the next time we try this.

Yay tree!
I want to use this picture for our Christmas card this year, but since it's a picture from last year, maybe I shouldn't? What do you think?

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  1. It's a great photo and would make a great card! If you send it, you could include a caption with a different name to confuse us and make us think you had another baby. That would be funny! Or save it for when Moira turns into a very self-concious teenager and send it out then. "Remember when she used to be cute and sweet?"

  2. I can relate to getting the winter clothes out.
    Have a great RTT!