Sunday, December 13, 2009

Moira recommends: Merry Christmas!

We have a huge stack of books about Christmas, but there's really only two she likes.

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto: She loves the faces of all the people in this one. Every time we turn to a new page, she points to each person and has me tell her who it is.

Die große Weihnachts - Überraschung by Monika Neubacher-Fesser (Published by Ravensburger, I can't find it on Amazon. The link goes to other books written by this author): She's liked this one since we got it, but I don't know how to pronounce the German and until tonight I had never heard Walker read it to her, so I made up my own story. It's short, it has a bear, mouse, rabbit and tiger. I think that's the beginning and end of the reason for her interest.

The rest of our Christmas books are too long, or preachy, or have black and white illustrations, which she is not a fan of yet. There are a few she WANTS to like, namely; Santa Cows by Cooper Edens (Weird with forced rhyming structure. We usually get halfway through it. It's okay especially if your kid likes cows and/or baseball, but the sequels are even worse and not recommended by me.), My Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, (a personal favorite of mine, but she gets bored after Osbert shows up.) and A Wish For Wings That Work by Berkeley Breathed (we don't make it past the first page of this one, but she wants to like it. She points at Opus and says "Fly! Fly!")

I really wanted more Christmas stories she liked so I looked at the library, but the books I found are also duds. I think what she really wants are some pop up Christmas babies or something. Dad just gave us a copy of The Night Before Christmas illustrated by Jan Brett and Moira loves her illustrations and things that rhyme, so I'm hopeful.

Bonus! Did you know that Jan Brett has coloring pages on her website? Awesome.


  1. I speak some German if you want a little help with it, and we love Jan Brett too! L's favorite is "the mitten"

  2. Thanks for the reviews! Evie's Christmas favorites are The Little Drummer Boy, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and she likes most of the Night Before Christmas. . . we sing the first two as she turns pages so I think that's part of the appeal!