Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And so we're back.

Where should we go next?
I must say, I think we handled this trip better then the one we took to Canada for Halloween, in terms of managing Moira's needs. Except for the big driving day and the day we flew down to LA, we did something that Moira would find interesting. We went to the La Brea Tarpits, playgrounds, the Tuscon Zoo and for long walks. We also made sure there was a significant amount of down time. And plenty of fries. And dip.
She is also so much more of a person now. When we got to LAX, and she still hadn't had her nap, Walker ran off to get the car with the carry on luggage leaving me with Moira to get the carseat and checked luggage. Moira was more then happy to help me push the luggage cart and LOVED watching the baggage carousel and looking for our suitcases. We have lime green bags so that they are easier to find amongst all the black/blue/red/forest green, but there was actually someone else with lime green luggage on our flight this time. She got all excited when she saw it, but she believed me when I said it wasn't ours.
What does a flamingo do?
The low spot of the trip was the 9 hour drive from Lancaster, CA to Tuscon. We had plenty of stuff to entertain her, and we tried to sing lots of songs and play lots of games, plus we had Walker's brother and sister in law in the car, so there was always someone in the back seat. It was still too much driving, and when she woke up after her nap she lost it for about a half an hour, and was cranky the rest of the way. She seemed to time her super cranky times for places where there was no place to stop so we could let her out, so we just powered through.
I discovered that Moira figured out that a flamingo stands on one leg from looking at books and the flamingos at the zoo. I don't think I've ever mentioned that fact to her.
Oh! And she has started making up her own motions for songs. I'd kind of noticed it before but thought she was just dancing. Walker's aunt bought Beatles Rock Band, and I was singing "Get Back" and Moira kept pointing to her back every time I said that word. So, not a fluke.
She climbs the ladders at playgrounds (and the one in our kitchen) now. That's a bit nervous making, but she's really careful usually. I have a photo of her standing on top of the ferry in the Bellevue Square play area, but I keep forgetting to get it off. Soon I'll find her scaling the door jams.
She also slept through the night, twice on our trip. And the rest of the time she only woke up once. Walker thinks it was because it was warmer there, but I'm betting over stimulation had something to do with it. We are trying to replicate it here, but so far, no luck.
She was so happy to be in out car again when we got home that she didn't really complain on the way home. Now when we are walking to our car in parking lots she points to all cars we pass saying "no!" to each one, until we get to ours.
I should mention the results on her allergy test, but it depresses me, even though it was actually a pretty good result. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully by then my migraine will be gone too.

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  1. Love the flamingo picture! Sounds like you guys had a great vacation!