Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby. It's what's for dinner

Baby on the table
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Moira has gone through some major developmental change in the last few weeks. Her level of comprehension has shot through the roof. Today I found her sitting on the kitchen table this morning. I believe because her cup was up there out of reach, and so she went to get it instead of asking for help. Last week she suddenly started doing all the motions for The Wheels On the Bus (extended remix version), Patty Cake and Little Birdies. She kept herself mostly entertained while watching Walker and his friends play a four hour long game last night. Today, while I was getting dinner ready to go into the crockpot she took off her shoes and socks and then took them into her room and put them in the hamper. Because that's where dirty clothes go.
Sadly, the last two days, nap has only been about half an hour long, which is challenging. But I am loving this age, where she's surprising me all the time. Since she's awake, I think we will go buy supplies to do more corn syrup painting.

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