Friday, October 23, 2009

Hooray, beans!

Since the season for Farm Tots is running down, and Moira loves the big bins of beans they have there, I decided it was time to make one of our own. I found a big bag of beans at Costco yesterday, and today, while she napped, I filled up a box and hid a bunch of toys in it.
It was a huge hit. She spent over 30 minutes digging around in there happily and making strange noises when she found something new. Eventually she came over to see what I was doing, so I went over to clean everything up.
This is what she did. It was totally worth it though. Next time, I think I'll put down a sheet first.


  1. I had a friend that did this with a rice bin and she set it up at the end of her hallway with a plastic tablecloth underneath it and towels between the tablecloth and her carpet to catch the runaways! :) This is also a great use for sand toys in the off season!

  2. reminds me of a scene in Amélie.