Monday, October 12, 2009

Fashion show

Since I've been mysteriously losing sizes, but not weight, I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. I was telling Pearl that I want to get back to how I used to dress before I dated the guy who would complain if I wore more then one color at a time, or if that color was not red or black. I didn't mean to change how I dressed for him, but it's hard not to want to look nice for someone you love.
I thought this was a good combo at the time
Pearl thinks I'm crazy, since according to her I have been clashing the entire time I've known her, but as I've been scanning in my childhood photos, I'm being reminded of just how quirkily I dressed. These are the best examples I could find last night.
I thought this combination was great at the time. Actually, I still really like it. Both shirt and skirt a pure silk, so I never got to wear either one very often. I had that skirt for at least 10 years and I probably wore it fewer then 10 times. I wore it to my sister's rehearsal dinner with a bright green shirt and white tights.

Me & Izzy
This isn't the best picture of this skirt, but I wore that skirt to death. With everything. It was just one of those tissue thin, cheap, elastic waist circle skirts. I think I got it at the Punjabi market in Vancouver, BC. It was constantly ripping and I would carefully whip stitch the holes closed. By the time I gave up on it, it was fully an inch shorter on one side then the other because of all the mends on that side. The lace shirt I'm wearing is a leotard. Aaaah, crotch snaps, the most comfortable thing on a piece of tight adult clothing.
I haven't found a picture of the electric blue unitard I wore a lot in high school. Sometimes I wore it with cut off jean shorts and a vest, but sadly, sometimes I just wore it by itself. Or the green velvet stirrup pants that were given to me by a guy who wanted to date me, who got them when I girl he was cleaning out his closet. Yes, he used to wear them. And then I did. Eeeew.
Me at age 3 (I think)
When I was at Goodwill yesterday looking for long sleeved shirts I found a little red velvet dress with a white pinafore. I got all excited because of this picture of me when I was 3 (I think). Hurray for recreating your childhood with your own kid's outfits. I'm glad she hasn't tried to exert any form of control over her own wardrobe yet, and I still get to pick out her Halloween outfits and party dresses. Not sure she'll be able to wear it this year. The sales tag said it was 24m size, which would be perfect, but the tag on the pinafore says 4T. We shall see.

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