Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best $5 I ever spent

You stay in here
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I believe I've mentioned how popular this baby doll is at our house. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a stroller for the baby, since that's the first thing Moira runs to at other people's houses. I was almost ready to buy a brand new one (they are under $20) or at least, convince someone to buy her one for Christmas, but then we found this one at Tree House.
Best. Thing. Ever. Baby has taken lots of rides in it. The bottle opener has taken rides in it. Occasionally, Moira tires to take a ride in it. I managed to convince her to take it on our walk to the mail box the other day, but there was construction going on by the street, so she got scared and abandoned poor Baby halfway there.
Moira is saying too many things for me to keep track of anymore. I'm particularly proud of her for grasping the concept and pronunciation of " Nakkie" the last time we were at the doctor's office.
Night weaning is going okay. She will now go back to sleep every time she wakes up with just Walker's help, but she's still waking up frequently. With our trip to Canada this weekend and Walker's on call shift next week, there will be some backsliding, since I will have to handle night time then, but at least I'm not super sleep deprived anymore. Getting through the day is so much easier with 7 hours of sleep.


  1. ((((((((((((((Shannon, Walker and Moira))))))
    Looking forward to seeing this weekend :) I know you can't come to Mom's party in December, but I'd love to have messages from you and your Mom and Dad and sister for the book :) You can either bring them this weekend or email or fb message me with them :) Hugs, Heather/Melissa

  2. I hate the stupid strollers, but I broke down at bought one when it was $6 on clearance. I hate those stupid things, but unfortunately for me, L loves the dang thing.

    Good luck with night weaning!