Monday, September 7, 2009

Where is it?

Where is it?
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Moira is too interesting for me to properly record now. I've given up on her baby book. I made it through the first year, and I figure that's good enough. It was my original goal, because I never thought I would get all the way through the two plus years the book is designed to cover.
A small list of things she has started doing recently.
  • She holds her hands out (or more recently, up by her ears) in the classic "I don't know!" pose when I ask her where something is.
  • She can say "Up!" It was "Bup!" at first, but it is sadly losing the b really quickly.
  • She requests our drinks by saying "Ein!" which I think is because we tend to say "That is my drink, this one is yours" when she asks, and she wants the "My drink."
  • She can climb onto everything and it's a short time before she manages to scale the baby gate.
  • We would take the baby gate down, but she refuses to crawl down the stairs now, and if we aren't there fast enough to hold her hand, she tries to do her silly stair climbing walk without holding onto anything and takes a big tumble.
  • She likes to help put things away, to the point where I'm kind of abusing it by asking her to put away whatever she's playing with that I don't want her to be holding.


  1. The "I don't know" hand pose is adorable! Evie just started doing it too and I keep trying to catch her on camera.

  2. Uh, that ain't "abusing", that's "teaching".

    "See honey? Isn't it GREAT when our stuff is put away and we don't trip over it, and we don't get really really frustrated that someone is doing something with it that we don't want them to? Yup, it's GREAT."