Friday, September 4, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

I have like, 1/4 of a post written and saved so I can more properly ignore it, but I'm hoping that doing this again will remind me of how easy it is to actually post.
Holger working
My great grandfather, Holger was a mason back in the day. I think he's the one second from the right in this picture, but it's too small for me to be able to tell entirely.
Brickwork in progress
This is one of the houses he built in progress. When we were looking for a house last year, Walker fell in love with a brick house hand built by the owner. Not a single project was actually completed. My favorite feature was the light switch next to the sink that was not actually mounted in the wall, but instead surrounded by a protective tent of bricks. We didn't get it, thank goodness, but we tried. My aunt Bobbe is a contractor, so she came over to give us a bid, and after being horrified for awhile, she finally said, "Well, Holger would approve."
Outside their home which was built by Holger
My Nana with her younger sister, Marilyn and her mother Oline outside their house. Again Holger did the brickwork. I think I remember my sister telling me that he would build one house at a time and they would live in it until it was sellable and then move to the next one. But I may have that confused with her sims.

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  1. I've been checking every day all week (since I'm laid up). Glad you are doing these still!