Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long term WIPs

Now that I'm done with the stuff I was doing for the wedding (well, not the quilt I'm making them, I should really finish that) and caught up on the swaps I signed up for, I've been poking again at a couple of quilts I've been working on for me for a long long time.
Weency blocks
These little drunkard's path blocks are for a quilt I designed in 1996 or 1997. Each little block is 2.5" and the quilt is supposed to be Queen sized. When I sat down to figure out how many blocks I needed in 2000, I discovered it was something ridiculous around 2000, or possibly 3000, I haven't looked recently. So of course, I decided to hand piece it. Partly because I didn't have my sewing machine with me, and partly because I am crazy. I'm also cutting a maximum of 8 of each piece (outside arch and inside wedge) from each fabric pair.

New Jersey
These blcoks, (and more on my Flickr) are for a quilt I'm making to commemorate a road trip I took 2000. We went around the US and parts of southern Canada, and I tried to get fabric from every state/province we went through. Because my boyfriend at the time refused to go out of his way for anything and we didn't have the internet everywhere to easily find fabric stores, most of what I bought were premade items, like a bandana for New Jersey. I have knit shirts and a free thong thrown off a float in New Orleans, so it wouldn't work to try to piece it. I decided to make these applique houses, and embroider the state name and some scenery on each block. It's a lot of fun, but I put off starting for so long, I'm no longer sure what state each fabric is supposed to be for. Tillie, who was on the road trip with me, said that is kind of in the spirit of our whole trip, so I may as well just randomly pick fabric that seems right when I'm not sure.
I still have to put wheels on the cars on New Jersey, but I keep forgetting to grab my black floss when I'm working on it.

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