Monday, August 3, 2009

Old stomping grounds

We are in California for a week, so Walker can meet some people at the main office, and I can run around and see old friends and places. Moira seems to be dealing with the novelty of the hotel pretty well. It helps that the TV is low enough that she can turn it off and on her ownself.
I checked a few books out of the library and bought some small toys for the plane ride down here. She fell asleep as soon as we started taking off, and woke up about 15 minutes before landing, but they were perfect for keeping her busy when we were just sitting on the tarmac. They are less interesting now that we are here (plus, they have to be spread out between the car and the hotel room) so I went to the library to see if I could check out books, even though I forgot to bring my card (No). Then we went just down the block from the hotel and signed up for a free introductory class at the Little Gym, and Moira tried to steal the snacks another little girl was eating.
There is a party store next to the Little Gym, and since my plan to get more books had failed, I went in to see if there was anything she would enjoy playing with. We got a balloon, some bubbles (since I left ours at home) and her first Playmobil set! I'm ridiculously excited by the Playmo, but she seemed happy about it too. She insisted on carrying the box for most of the walk back home, even though that meant I had to carry her, because the box kept getting in the way of her feet. I plan to hand the actual contents of the box out one piece at a time, once she starts getting bored of the balloon and the rock she picked up from the rock bed outside our door.

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