Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh Stan, I've missed you.

I think you have a cavity
Moira and I went to have lunch with Walker at Google today. Partly to meet a coworker of Walker's who didn't get to meet her before we left, and partly to recreate this picture. Walker was sad that I didn't bring the sling (we still use that same one from time to time) but I pointed out that trying to stick her in it in Stan's mouth would be dangerous to the point of sheer stupidity on our part, what with her tendency to jump out of things. Someone stuck a strawberry on one of his teeth, and that's what she's trying to grab.
Then we had lunch at my favorite of the Mountain View cafes, Cafe 150 (all the food is grown withing 150 miles of the campus), where it was taco Tuesday. We sat outside where it was fenced in and Moira could throw grapes and then eat them off the ground to her hearts content without getting away. She woke up before 6 this morning, so by the time we were eating at noon she was exhausted and cranky. The grape game (also good to play with beans) was enough entertainment to keep her happy until we ran out of food. Then we all grabbed our trays and headed back inside. As she was waiting for us at the door, Moira saw a wasp on the wall and grabbed it. Walker noticed and I threw my tray at him and opened her hand so the wasp fell to the ground. I think the wasp was too surprised to do anything while she held it. She also managed to grab it right around the middle. Great reflexes on that kid.

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