Monday, August 17, 2009

I can do it myself!

I can do it myself!
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Moira's physical abilities have taken a sharp leap forward. She started walking up and down stairs while we were in California (fortunately, she usually insists that someone hold her hand while she does that), if there's a railing she'll hold that instead. Today at the park she climbed up the playground equipment walked right up to the twisty slide and started sliding almost before I could spot her. Fortunately, the twist slowed her down enough that she could pretty much do it by herself. It was a great hit, so she did it over and over stepping further and further out on the slide before sitting down to see if that worked. The only times she really had a problem were when I stopped her because she was headed down head first, and when she tried to sneak around another kid who was sitting at the top of the slide and went down the way too steep part.
She keeps trying to grab my camera, so I showed her how to push the button and let her take pictures, now she wants to run around and try to take pictures without sitting on my lap.
Today I handed her her clean clothes one at a time and she put most of them back in the drawers, tasting each one to make sure it was "done". I need to find more ways to let her help with the chores while she still thinks this is a great game. I should also probably assemble the step stool so she has something secure to stand on.

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