Thursday, August 20, 2009

Farm time is the best time

We should go over here
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There's a small farm in Redmond that has a Farm Tots program. Every week there are animals to pet, songs, crafts, a big bin of beans Moira loves, a hay ride and we get to pick a child sized portion of some crop. We've gone about 4 times this year, and it's really cool to see how the farm changes with the seasons. Right now it's incredibly lush with the sunflowers, corn and beans.
This time they had a bean maze, which was designed for kids, but not adults. We walked through the maze the first time together, and then when Moira and Evelyn wanted to keep going through, we let them go. They had a great time chasing each other, and pretty much stayed on the main path, ignoring the two dead ends.
I've loved watching Moira's relationship with the kids we see most often develop. They remember each others names and wave hello. They influence each other. Always after spending time with Evelyn or Jenna, Moira tries to talk more, Jenna pays close attention to Moira and Evelyn being brave enough to walk down the stairs. We went to a park earlier this week and when Evelyn got scared on the slide, Moira followed her around with a concerned look on her face until she stopped crying, Evelyn did the same thing when Moira started crying because she took a tumble.
Here is to many more years of friendship!


  1. Also, after watching Moira go down the slide by herself, Jenna and Evelyn spent the rest of the afternoon doing the same!

  2. You always do the most awesome things with your kiddo! Yay!