Friday, July 17, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

I don't have a theme this week. I just liked these photos when I was looking through my files.
The kids table
Thanksgiving at Helen's house.
I don't know who most of the kids are, although the second one from the left is Walker's aunt Sharon. The lady in the middle with the awesome hair is Helen Brown. She was, by all accounts, a firecracker. I have a lot of photos of her as a child performing daredevil acts, and her hair is always long and wild.
I love the paper cowboys on the table.
I think this is (l to r) Sharon Matlack, Corky Brown, Allen Brown, Christine Matlack & Elizabeth Matlack. The outfits on the Matlack girls were made by their mother. I didn't notice the kitties when I picked this one out, but they are so cute. They are totally trying to escape.

For more vintage photos visit Paper Dolls for Boys


  1. Oh these are fun, like the small things like the scarf around her neck inside the open collar and that kid's black tennis shoes!

  2. great photos! - i also looked at the outfits, i'm wondering if someone made those of the girls on the outside/bottom picture. very cute. 60s?

  3. I love the party...and the scarf...and the curls!