Saturday, July 11, 2009


We are good advertising
Today was the Google company picnic. This is what Moira looked like last year, in drag apparently, since everyone who saw her in this outfit and guessed, thought she was a boy. I was sad that she didn't have any Google apparel to wear this year. Lots of kids were wearing their "Take your kids to work day" shirts, where the google was in the style of Eric Carle, but we didn't take part in that.
Where did that big girl go?
This is what she wore to today's picnic, and an old man on our way out still thought she was a boy. Admittedly Walker was holding her and her hat was off. I guess she needs to have more hair before people will think she's a girl. Of course, people thought I was a boy well into my 12th year, so whatever.
The picnic was at a different venue this year, Mountain Meadows Farm. They had many more activities then Remlinger Farms, but much much worse food.
They had a huge toddler pit with what looked like at least one of everything from the Little Tykes catalog and something like 20 plastic rakes. I'm not sure why so many rakes. Is it common wisdom that kids age 1-4 really like raking things?
They also had pony rides, and we decided to see if Moira would enjoy it. The answer was; probably, but it was nap time and she doesn't like to expression too much emotion close to nap time.

Riding into the sunset
The end.

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  1. Looks like it was a beautiful setting, and it included pony rides!