Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tasty and delicious.

This year I managed to get my canning act together more then a month earlier then last yer. Last year I was really only ready in time for blackberries and peaches. I just canned my second batch of blueberry jam, spiced blueberry, and it's so good, I'm considering opening up the blueberry-lemon that ended up not being so lemony and reprocessing it. I used about 4 times as much spice as the recipe I was following called for, based on how unlemony that first batch was. I seriously don't think it would have tasted like anything other then blueberries and sugar if I had only used 1/4 t of everything for the amount I ended up with.
I also found out I can fit one of the small cookie sheets we had to buy when we lived in CA in a rental that had a small oven to fit in the side by side freezer, so I'm working on freezing the rest of the blueberries I bought at the farmer's market last year. Pearl and I are planning to go to the Vashon Island Strawberry festival, so maybe I can freeze some strawberries too. Although it seems late for strawberries. Why is Vashon having a strawberry festival in July?
Oh! Maybe I could turn the not so good blueberry jam into fruit leather with my dehydrator! I'll have to take a look at the instructions for that.
Mini for Quiltinkimmie
I'm not sewing as much lately, mostly do to there being too much else to do, and Moira needing extra Mommy time to help her get her molars out. I did finish this, only slightly behind schedule, for the mini quilt in a bag swap on flickr. I'm really proud of it, despite how wrinkly it looks in this picture. It's my first time doing a curved border, and I actually really enjoyed the process. Plus, I've wanted to try this pattern out for awhile. Now I should concentrate on stuff or Becca & Andrew's wedding, namely, making sure my dress fits right, so I'm not showing all their relatives my bra.

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