Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Pig tails!
First important milestone of the week: Pigtails! Moira's hair has been long enough for this in theory for awhile, but I haven't been able to find the packs of multi sized, multi colored, tiny rubber bands anywhere, and the "These are the ones that won't hurt her hair, OMG don't use those little packs of rubber bands they are evil!!!!" I got from Pearl are way too big to actually use on Moira's hair, despite the fact that they are tiny. I mean, when you have 1" of hair to put in a ponytail, winding a rubber band around 4 or 5 times is ridiculous. Also hard to do with a squirming child.
Today we visited my Aunt Carol, and my Cousin, Wynne, gave us the leftover rubber bands from her braces. They are the perfect size. The one's Moira is wearing here were about 1/4". Yay!
Bitty pepper!
The other big milestone this week was the appearance of this little bell pepper. Yay! I am successfully growing peppers!

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