Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hard, but worth it.

I've been keeping this mental list of things Moira has figured out how to do in the last day and a half, but it's getting kind of long, so I should write it down before I forget.

  • She woke us up this morning by grabbing our noses, then when I said "That's Daddy's (or Mommy's) nose, she would point to her own nose. Cute, but how can I teach her to point to our nose as nicely as she points to her own?
  • We went out to water the garden and while I was picking peas, she saw the blackberry bramble growing along the wall and started picking them. She complained when the pricked her, but either they were tasty enough for her not to care, or she figured out not to grab the stem.
  • She has also started trying to stand on the seat of her car as a way to get up on the fireplace easier, I think. Or possibly just as a way to make me nervous. So far, she's balanced really well and hasn't fallen off.
  • Last night she was acting cranky so I asked her if it was time for bed. She started giggling and ran straight for the bedroom and then stood next to the bed waiting until I caught up, so I guess that was a 'yes'.
  • This is older but, Pearl has been trying to show her how to smell flowers. She's mostly uninterested, but I was watering the peppers the other day and there was a broken stem with a full blown flower on it. I showed it to her, and she grabbed it and sniffed. This has not been replicated since, despite walking under a honeysuckle vine twice today.
The mole that wanders between our yard and the neighbors yards appears to have found where we planted the food except for sitting on some lettuce.

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