Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get back on the horse

There was quite a bit of time of me taking pictures of things, but not wanting to do a whole big post, so I'm going to go back to doing two at a time for awhile.
Sugar Snap Pea
86. Sugar Snap Pea
Already knew: These are vines that grow spread lots of little curly tendrils trying to find things to climb up. They have white flowers, and the pods are best picked when they are a couple of inches big. You can eat them raw or cook them. The pods are rounded. The french name for them is Mangetout, which means "eat more." When the pods are mature there is a stringy membrane that should be removed.
Recently learned: Snap peas have are lower in carbs and fat then english peas. I didn't know that any peas had a lot of fat. They are a cool season plant, and should be planted one and a half inches deep.
87. Amaranth
Already knew: This is an herb with long spindly clusters of flowers. You can eat the seeds, and I think the leaves. The flowers are a vibrant purple. Other then that, I know nothing about this, it was a throw in with the other plant starts I got.
Recently learned: There is a wide variety in the Amaranth family, ranging from African grain Amaranths (like Buckwheat and Quinoa) to ornamental varieties. The edible leaves on Chinese varities contain Oxalic acid, which blocks calcium and zinc absorbtion, so it's not good to eat in large quantities.

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