Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cute baby tricks

Action shot!
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I don't want to be yet another Seattlite complaining about the horrible, horrible heat wave. I'm slightly tempted to be an annoying ex Californian saying that it's not that bad, c'mon people. Seriously, it was hotter then this in June last year, when I had to try and figure out how to keep Moira cool enough, without her hands and feet turning blue because of poor infant circulation.
So yeah, instead, here is a picture of Moira's new hairdo. So cute! She can also point to her nose and hair, and sometimes her eyes, mouth and ears. She's also learned to shake her head 'no', but she frequently uses that for yes. Especially when we are in the car and I'm offering her a book.
Last week I showed her how to put ice in Stewie's bowl. We filled it up today, and then a few minutes later I found her sucking on the ice from his bowl. I tried to give her her own bowl of ice, but it was not nearly as exciting and only entertained her for 30 seconds.

The first tomato that grew on my plants has been roughly the same size and color (green) for the last month and a half, and I was sure that it was just going to be like that forever. I noticed today though, that it has suddenly started turning red. Hooray!

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