Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Nana & Grumpy
A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my Mom's parents on their wedding day, thinking I didn't have a similar one of my Dad's parents. Lo and behold! Maggie and Sam (Nana and Grumpy) Hillinger met on a ski trip while on leave from service in WW2. She helped wounded servicemen write letters home I believe, but I don't remember what he did.
Grumpy & Dad
Grumpy & my dad, Ellis in 1950
Sam was born in Germany, and because his parents were married in a religious Jewish ceremony, the government refused to acknowledge the marriage when the children were born, which is why my last name is Hillinger (his mother's maiden name) and not Seneft. This is good, because I can't pronounce Seneft. I can't imagine how it would be mangled by telemarketers.
Carol, Howard, Ellis & Bev Hillinger in 1958. I don't know who the brunette sitting next to Howard is.
Both sets of my grandparents had 4 children, two boys and two girls. How funny is that?

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  1. What a beautiful color photo! I'll bet it was Kodachrome!

  2. Love your photos.
    They were a beautiful couple.

  3. Actually, it was Grumpy's father who wasn't acknowledged by the Germans as a Seneft. And I believe it's pronounced Sen-ft.

  4. Oh, and the blond girl is Bev. Not sure who the other is. Probably one of the neighbors' kids.

  5. Glen thinks that Ellis, Howie and Bev were all laughing at me:( sniff.