Friday, June 19, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday - Lesbian edition!

A little shout out to my gay and lesbian friends. I think Obama's refusal to do anything about DOMA is horrifying. I'm so disappointed in our president right now.
On to the pictures!
Edith Matlack
My husband's great-aunt Edith Matlack in Japan in 1947/1948. She worked for the airline industry starting during WW2, and because of that, she got to do a lot of travel when visiting a different continent was something normally reserved for people in the military and the very wealthy.
Edith Matlack
Edith in Japan, same time period.
She was a kind and giving person. When Walker's grandmother was pregnant with his mother, and her husband had a few months left of active service far from their families, Edith used her vacation time and her connections in the airline industry to fly out and drive her sister-in-law home to California in July. They traveled across Texas and Arizona with no air conditioner and a non functioning gas gauge. It was so hot that they tried to sleep during the day and drive at night. They blew a tire and had to plead with the ration board in a small New Mexico town for another. They ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and traded cigarettes with a trucker to siphon some of his gas.
Walker & Edith
Edith & Walker Matlack at Fort Ord in 1944.
She and Walker were each other's favorite siblings and remained close for his entire life. After he died, she kept in close contact with Alice and their children. She was also a lesbian. She died about two years ago and was survived by her partner Betty who took care of her full time after she developed Alzheimer's at the end of her life.
She is missed.

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  1. What an awesome tribute to Edith! Kudos for the tribute and support of the gay community!

  2. Great photos. Edith sounds like a person with the capacity for great love and adventure.

  3. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady!

    Proud to live in MA, gay marriage LEGAL! Let's make it nation wide!!!

  4. great story, great pictures, thanx for sharing!