Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Silly baby

As Moira is getting more interested in the world I'm trying to do more things with her outside of the house (you know, other then shopping), and since it was supposed to be so hot today, getting out of the house was an even better idea. We met up with our friends at the Crossroads Splash Park, and had a great time getting damp. They have a lovely toddler area with smaller sprays, but Moira mostly ran around and tried to go anywhere but where I put her. She and her friend decided to eat each others snacks, which was adorable.
I left the step stool pushed in a corner in the kitchen so that she could practice going down steps on a small set. She figured that out last week. It's really cute to watch her start backing up for the stairs three feet away, realize her mistake and get up and try again. It's less cute to watch her back down the stairs to the patio where all the construction debris is over and over. Today I walked into the kitchen to find her standing on top of the step stool, playing with the batteries on the counter and waving at the plumber on the deck. The step stool is now folded up.
Now that she's figured out walking and eating, she's working much more on talking. She has tried out more, nap and that recently. She's also taken to waving enthusiastically at everything; the bed, the car, lunch. She occasionally waves at the right time, but she's still working that out.
I've been checking board books out of the library (the ones with pictures of real babies and things) to hand to her in the car. This kind of book seems to come in two main varieties; books that are just an excuse to show close ups of different babies faces (Moira's favorite, Eat!) and books that help you teach your baby sign language. We went to the library the morning and got two of the second type that Moira is particularly enthralled with, one about animal signs and one about food signs. She especially likes the last pages in both books that just show pictures of all the things that were shown in the book. She held onto one of them for 10 minutes, turning pages and staring without complaint.

Picture taken by Lori Glickman. Thank you Lori!


  1. I love being right: goodbye step stool!

  2. Jack loves the last page of his sleep sign book, too. We also have a bunch of "first word" books that just have pictures of different things on a white background. Jack will spend a while just studying the book. It's so cute!